Copa Air
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Copa Airlines is an international airline based in Panama City. It operates in 31 countries in the Americas, positioning itself as one of the most important companies in the region. It has been awarded as the most punctual airline in Latin America by the company FlightStats over the last three years, demonstrating its commitment to its users.

Following their interest in providing better service to its travelers and increase their competitiveness in the industry, Copa Airlines decided to renew its presence on digital channels as part of their digital transformation strategy. As a result of its selection process of strategic allies, S4N was chosen for the implementation and consulting of this transformation.

Watch the video and get to know how from a strategic perspective, S4N support Copa Airlines in its digital transformation.

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WeSura, supported by Grupo Sura (BVC: PFGRUPSURA), one of the top 10 insurance companies in Latin America, is a disruptive model that offers insurance policies to small groups of friends.

How can an organization with over 50.000 employees start acting as a startup and innovate in the traditional insurance industry? That was the challenge Sura accepted when they decided to create WeSura.

S4N team worked with an outstanding team from Sura to design and develop a new experience for understanding people’s everyday risks and to protect them from those risks, simply by using an app that allows you to help and be helped by your friends.

Todo1 services

TODO1 is a leading company in the creation, implementation and operation of Omnichannel digital solutions for companies in the financial sector and business ecosystem FINTECH.

It offers a platform which can be used by over 20 banks in Latin America. This company, based in Florida, knows about robustness and decided to team up with S4N as a trusted ally, to evolve its SaaS eBanking Platform to be as quick as the financial customers of TODO1 Services require.


It is a subsidiary of US Neustar Inc. for the development of .CO. .CO is the Internet country code top-level domain assigned to Colombia.

When your website is up and running, it is good to know that there is vigilance, checking that your site is not a victim of phishing, defacement or something even worse. Dot CO Internet, monitors all .co domains, through a technology developed with S4N, proactively detecting security incidents like phishing, defacement, malware, among many others, protecting its customers’ reputation and the global trust on the .co domain.

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